Newbies start here!

If you are new to cross stitch, you can't go past a beginner kit. It has all the supplies, instructions and equipment you need, and it's all delivered straight to your door.

We've selected our most beginner-friendly kits below, as well as some handy tutorials and blogs that will help you get started.

so you want to know
Is cross stitch difficult?

This is our most frequently asked question. And our answer is a short one - absolutely not!

Cross stitch is one of the easiest crafts around, which is why it's been popular for centuries.

Take a look at this short video, which talks about just how easy cross stitch is!

How to get started

You have your kit - now what?

Watch our step-by-step tutorial which will guide you through using your kit every step of the way.

It won't be long before you have your very own finished masterpiece - and a new favourite hobby!

Need some help?

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Australian designed and made

Coming to you live from Melbourne, all Spruce Craft Co. products are designed by Elise Ross and assembled in our humble studio.

And it goes without saying (but we're saying it anyway!), all our boxes come with 100% quality fabrics, John James needles and gold-standard DMC cotton - we only use supplies that we love and stitch with ourselves.