Subscription Box Q&A's

When do I pay for my subscription box?

Your payment will come out when you buy your first months box, then all reoccurring months will come out on the first day of the month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You will need to create an account (on the homepage: top right hand side). From your account you can manage your subscription, including cancellations.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes you can skip any months you don't wish to receive. Do this through your customer account > manage subscriptions.

I need to change my address!

You can change your address in your customer account.

If the subscription box price increases over time, will I be charged the higher rate?

No. As long as you do not cancel your subscription, you will continue to be charged the price you originally signed up for.

Can I see the exact contents of each box before I buy?

Not at the moment, but we might be able to change this in the future. Let us know if thats something you'd like to see :)

There are 4 charts included in my box but only enough fabric and hoops for two projects. Is this right?

Yes. Each subscription box comes with supplies for two finished stitchy pieces. We have created extra charts so you'll always find a design you'll want to stitch. Feel free to stitch the other charts with your own fabric (there is enough cotton in each box to stitch all four charts!)

Can I purchase extra hoops and fabric off you?

Send us an email and let us know if this is an option you'd like! Depending on stock, we might be able to include an add-on supply bundle so you can stitch all four charts included in your box.

Can I buy a single subscription box?

Well, technically yes. You can sign up, receive your first box and then cancel the following month - that will do the trick (don't forget to cancel though!) At this stage, we are not offering subscription boxes as one-off purchases.

Can I buy a subscription box from a previous month?

This depends on whether we have supplies left over. Shoot us an email to double check.

Can I buy the PDF versions of the charts, instead of the subscription boxes?

We'll be listing some of the designs on the website as PDF charts, but they won't be available for a few months after the box has been released. This is to allow our subscribers time to bask in the exclusivity of the designs!

Can I purchase a subscription for a friend?

At the moment we only offer a rolling monthly subscription, you can always purchase a subscription in their name and then cancel manually after a certain number of months (set a reminder for yourself!) We'll be working with a developer to offer 3-month subscription options in the future.

When will I receive my box?

Boxes are assembled at the beginning of each month and shipped towards the end of week one. You will receive your box roughly the same time each month (depending on how the postal system is coping). You will receive a notification when your box has been shipped, including a tracking number.

I don't live in Australia, can I sign up?

Not at this stage, but once we have our act together, we'll look into opening up subscription to overseas locations.