Christmas Cross Stitch Gift Guide

Christmas Cross Stitch Gift Guide

Need some crafty gift ideas? We've got you covered.

Check out some of our fav beginner kits, gift subscriptions and gift cards below. Not only are you supporting small business (thank you!), but you're also guaranteeing that you're buying unique, fun gifts that your loved ones won't find in stores. 

Give the gift of cross stitch this Christmas!

Precedented Times - $37

Perfect for beginners to advanced stitchers, our kits are designed to be simple and easy to follow. Plus, when your hobby involves stabbing something gently 50,000 times, it makes it quite easy to unwind! Check out our range of modern, fun kits and if you're just starting out, these are our best kits for beginners.

Welcome (Please Leave) - $40

Did you know that glow-in-the-dark thread exists? And better yet, you can use it to stitch hidden snarky messages in your cross stitch pieces? Well now you do, and our Welcome (Please Leave) kit is a great way to tell someone they are always welcome in your house... so long as they have a clearly defined exit strategy.

Gift subscriptions - from $42 a month

There's nothing like our cross stitch sub boxes in Australia! Every month, your friend will receive a box of cross stitch supplies delivered right to their door, full of colourful printed fabrics, cotton, needles, bobbins and hoops - as well as 4 unique designs they can choose to stitch. Available as a 3 month, 6 month or ongoing subscriptions.

Annie the Unicorn kids kit - $30

Let's not forget our little stitchers! We have a range of kids kits, with 6 count fabric and large needles, that are perfect for introducing little ones to cross stitch (plus it stops them from getting their greasy mitts all over your own!) Great for ages 7 and up.

Gift Cards - from $30

If you can't decide, just chuck the decision making over to the recipient! They can choose any kits, patterns or past subscription boxes they fancy, and you get all the credit for the extraordinary gift giving. Win-win.