What to do with your finished cross stitches?

What to do with your finished cross stitches?

Hey there stitchers.

Not sure what you can do with your beautiful cross stitch pieces once you've completed them? We all know the satisfaction of finishing a project, but what comes next? Well, let me share some fantastic ideas to help you make the most of your handiwork!

  1. Framing: One classic way to showcase your cross stitch masterpiece is by framing it. A frame adds a touch of elegance and allows you to hang your work on the wall for everyone to admire. Choose a frame that complements your design and protects it from dust and damage. You can also experiment with different matting options, and consider cutting the matting yourself to suit unusual shaped designs.

  2. Displaying in a Hoop: If you're looking for a more whimsical and modern approach, consider displaying your cross stitch in an embroidery hoop. This technique has gained popularity in recent years and offers a charming and unique way to show off your work. Simply stretch your finished piece in an embroidery hoop, tighten the screw at the top and cut off the extra fabric. Voila! You have a stylish, ready-to-hang piece of art.

  3. Sewing into a Cushion: Want to incorporate your cross stitch into your home decor? Transform it into a stunning cushion cover! Sew your finished piece onto a fabric backing, add some complementary fabric for the backside, and sew it all together. This way, you can enjoy your cross stitch as a cozy and decorative accent on your couch, bed, or favourite armchair.

  4. Displaying in a Portfolio: If you have a collection of cross stitch projects or want to keep your finished pieces neatly organised, consider creating a portfolio. Get a portfolio book or binder with clear plastic sleeves, and slip your cross stitch creations into each sleeve. Not only does this protect your work, but it also allows you to easily flip through and share your talent with friends and family. Tip: mount your designs on matting cardboard so the fabric stays flat - it also makes the pages easy to turn.

  5. Other Creative Ideas: The possibilities for showcasing your cross stitch go far beyond traditional methods. Here are a few more unique ideas to inspire you:

  • Create a gallery wall: Hang multiple framed cross stitch pieces together to create a stunning gallery wall. Mix and match designs, sizes, and frames for a visually captivating display. Rotate your favourites or seasonal designs too, so you've always got something interesting on your walls!

  • Make personalised gifts: Use your cross stitch skills to create personalised gifts for your loved ones. Stitch a beautiful monogram or a meaningful quote on a towel, bookmark, or even a pocket square. Your thoughtful gift will be cherished for years to come.

  • Embellish clothing or accessories: Spice up plain clothing or accessories by incorporating your cross stitch. Stitch a small design onto a pocket, collar, or bag to add a touch of charm and uniqueness.

  • Magnets and coasters: Transform your cross stitch into functional items by adhering it to a magnet or attaching it to a coaster. These small but delightful accents will brighten up your space and make for great conversation starters.

Remember, the joy of cross stitch doesn't end when you put down your needle. Get creative and explore different ways to display and utilise your finished pieces. Whether you frame them, sew them into something practical, or experiment with innovative ideas, your cross stitch art deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed by all.

Happy stitching and happy showcasing!