Why do we cross stitch?

Why do we cross stitch?

So a couple of months ago, I asked a question in my stories: why do you cross stitch? Granted, a few of you were like "GAWD ELISE stop making me use my brain" because actually, it's not such a straightforward question. WHY do we cross stitch? Why did we choose this particular hobby? Why not stamp collecting, or scuba diving? Why not be one of those people who like to park really close to planes taking off, so it feels like you're about to be crushed to death while simultaneously having your eardrums burst into flame? Whyyyyyy.⁠⠀

So, I diligently input around 250 responses into a spreadsheet (I love me some data) and turns out there are 10 main reasons that people choose to cross stitch, with one clear standout.⁠⠀

That clear standout reason was 'stress relief'. Answers ranged from reducing severe anxiety, helping with mindfulness and meditation, clearing their mind or just to simply relax at the end of the day. That made me realise that there are many reasons I cross stitch, but I think this is my number one as well. What about you?

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