Stamped vs Counted

Stamped vs Counted

Whats the difference between counted and stamped cross stitch kits?⁠

Stamped cross stitch is when the pattern is printed directly onto the fabric, and you simply stitch over the top.⁠

Counted cross stitch is when you start with a blank piece of fabric, with your instructions printed on a seperate chart. That chart tells you what position each stitch needs to go on your fabric.⁠

I get asked a lot if we'll ever bring out some stamped kits. I'm on the fence. Personally, I'm Team Counted - you can stitch much more detailed and precise work when you aren't limited by fabric printing. Plus, it's much more satisfying seeing the picture come alive right in front of your eyes. It might take a little bit more effort to master, but the sense of achievement is higher!⁠

But, never say never! What team are you on, counted or stamped?