Do you know your cross stitch fabrics?

Do you know your cross stitch fabrics?

How well do you know your cross stitch fabrics? Here's a quiz - can you name the top 5 most popular?

Take a read below and see if you got them all.

  1. Aida cloth: Aida cloth is a popular and widely used fabric for cross stitch. It is a cotton fabric with a prominent grid pattern that makes it easy to count stitches. Aida cloth comes in different counts, from 11 to 22 stitches per inch.

  2. Evenweave fabric: Evenweave fabric is a type of fabric that has an even number of threads in both the warp and weft directions, which results in a consistent weave. Evenweave fabrics come in different counts, with 28 and 32 counts being the most common.

  3. Linen fabric: Linen fabric is a type of fabric made from flax fibers, and it has a distinctive texture that gives cross stitch designs a unique look. It comes in different counts, ranging from 25 to 40 stitches per inch.

  4. Hardanger fabric: Hardanger fabric is a type of evenweave fabric that has a distinctive openwork pattern. It is often used for traditional Norwegian embroidery techniques, such as Hardanger embroidery.

  5. Waste canvas: Waste canvas is a type of fabric that can be used to stitch designs onto non-cross stitch fabrics, such as clothing or towels. It is a removable canvas that dissolves in water after stitching is complete.

Everyone has their preference - mine is definitely aida and if we want to get a little more in detail, it's 14 count aida!

What's your favourite?