Metallic threads - Spruce Craft Co


December 03, 2020

Who has a love/hate relationship with metallic thread? As in, you love it, but it hates your stinking' guts. It frays like crazy, kinks in all the wrong spots, refuses to be threaded onto your needle the first go and is a bastard to store while you're not using it. BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD *Sigh*⁠

There are a few things you can do to make working with metallics a little less torturous. You can condition the thread by putting a little beeswax on it (or use your lip balm!), you can use shorter lengths so there is less opportunity for twisting or fraying. But my favourite method - mix and match! Mix one thread of metallic thread with one thread of it's matching 'regular' thread counterpart.⁠